Recent Complete Streets Developments in Our Region and Nationally

Many of us are familiar with the concept of Complete Streets, but for those who are not, Complete Streets are streets that are designed for all users, whether they are drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians, or transit users.  In an urban area or a town, a Complete Street may be a street […]

Henry County’s Smith River Fest is a Great Bicycling Opportunity this Saturday!

Henry County’s Smith River Fest takes place this Saturday, August 21st from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Smith River Sports Complex, located at 1000 Irisburg Road in Axton.  According to the website ( advertising the event, the Smith River Fest celebrates the Smith River and the great outdoors. […]

Webinar: How Vanpooling Can Benefit Your Business or Organization

In the West Piedmont Planning District, as is the case in most places, most commuters travel by car to get to work, principally through use of the single-occupancy automobile.  In many cases that works well, although some workers or potential workers have unreliable transportation, or sometimes no transportation options at […]