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The Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT) is hosting the “Discover Transit” campaign through the end of October this year to invite Virginians to “try or return” to transit, particularly following the Covid pandemic.  RIDE Solutions is partnering with DRPT on this initiative, and in so doing, is promoting awareness of significant changes that have recently occurred at Danville Transit to make your travel experience smoother.

Specifically, Danville Transit has adopted innovative technologies to make it easier and more user-friendly than ever to ride the bus…and all it takes is a click of your smartphone!  Read on to learn more!

The Danville Transit App

If you wanted to use Danville Transit’s Reserve-a-Ride or Handivan services, it used to be that you were required to make a telephone reservation.  Now, you have the ability to reserve one of these two services using the new Danville Transit app.  To download the free app, operated by Ecolane USA, Inc., simply download it on your smartphone’s app store.  Once you do that and you open the app, you’ll be asked to provide some basic information such as your name, email, and phone number, as well as to input your login credentials.  You’ll also be asked whether or not you use a medical aid device such as a wheelchair, a foldable wheelchair, crutches, a scooter, etc.

At this point, you’ll be able to book a trip through the Reserve-a-Ride program, which will cost $4.00.  If you wish to utilize the Handivan service for a $2.00 fee, you’ll need to be approved by Danville Transit first.  The accompanying screenshot serves as an example of how to enter your pick-up point, your drop-off point, and the time you wish to be picked up into the app.


“Smart” Bus Stop Signs

In addition to launching the new app, Danville Transit recently installed new bus stop signs all around the city that enable riders to view stop-specific bus schedules and to view bus locations in real time.  An example of an instruction the signs offer to riders is as follows: “For arrival times for this bus stop text SIGN 238 to 24541.” Once a rider does this, they will instantly receive by text a roster of the scheduled times the buses associated with each route arrive at that particular stop.



In addition to bus arrival information, shown on the image at right, each of the signs features a QR code that will enable riders to use their smartphones to view the location of the buses they’re waiting for in real time.  The referenced image shows the appearance of a typical Danville Transit bus stop sign that has recently been installed (left).

Immediately to the right of the image of the bus stop information sign is the image which is presented when the QR code is scanned.  This image depicts the real-time location of a bus a rider may be waiting for.  To learn more about Danville Transit, its route network, the services it offers, and a variety of other information about the agency, please visit


Whether you’re using Danville Transit’s traditional (fixed-route) bus system, Reserve-a-Ride, or the agency’s Handivan service, don’t forget to log your trip into the RIDE Solutions app to earn points toward discounts on shopping, dining, activities, and services, or to use your points to enter raffles to win gift cards.  If you don’t yet have the app, simply visit, where you can download and use the app for free.

RIDE Solutions is part of ConnectingVA, a division of DRPT, which serves as a statewide resource for commuters.  ConnectingVA presents a roster of regional commuter assistance programs throughout the Commonwealth, as well as a query of transportation services available by locality.  Please learn more about ConnectingVA by visiting