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Roanoke Valley

Consider Your Alternatives

RIDE Solutions free commuter services help you find commuting options – for one day or all days – beyond your single occupancy vehicle to access work and community resources. RIDE Solutions free services help you find transportation choices – carpool, public transit, bike routes, or some combination – that can help save your money, extend the life of your car, and allow your to better enjoy your commute.

Setup your account today for the free RIDE Solutions services and have instant access to our:

  • Guaranteed Ride Home program – that’s right, just register for our free transportation program and we’ll make sure you don’t get stranded if your bike tire burst or you have to work late and your carpool has headed home.
  • Carpool matching service – a comprehensive data base of local commuters, tailored to your individual commuting pattern, home and work location, etc.
  • Fun participation programs and special event notices – Want to host a special biking event at your place of work, enjoy a lunch-n-learn, or suggest a local biking program, contact Jeremy Holmes.


RIDE Solutions is a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Agency – a program dedicated to expanding the efficiency and life of the roadway network and reducing the environmental impacts of vehicle emissions. By helping to promote and connect individuals and businesses partners to transportation options, RIDE Solutions helps to reduce traffic on local roads and improve air quality by reducing the impacts of vehicle emissions. Fewer cars on the road during the busy rush hours of the day can also mean safer roads. Through incentive programs, education, and encouragement RIDE Solutions connects people to transportation options.

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