Director of RIDE Solutions Job Announcement

The Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission is seeking a energetic, passionate, and public-minded professional to serve as the Director of RIDE Solutions, the Commission’s commuter assistance and active transportation program.  As Director of RIDE Solutions, candidates will manage the multi-regional commuter assistance program applying creative marketing, public outreach, event management, and […]

Statement on Bicycle Helmet Use

The slow, cautious, and practical riding style indicative of most transportation-related cycling is not equivalent to sport riding and is not inherently dangerous.  While we would never discourage anyone from wearing whatever gear makes them feel safe on a bicycle, we believe wearing a helmet is not the most effective […]

The Driverman: A RIDE Solutions Sea Shanty

We hear shanties are in, so we thought we’d give one a try. Don’t be a Driverman. Find bike routes, transit routes, carpool partners, and more. Download the free RIDE Solutions app or register at to get started today! Lyrics: The Driverman Oh every day on her drive to […]

Employment Spotlight: Martinsville and Henry County

The U.S. Census Bureau has released 2017 data on its OnTheMap website, which is a very intuitive source for recent employment and commuting data.  This data is available for most areas of the U.S., and the West Piedmont Planning District is no exception.  Using this tool, we will look briefly […]

Congestion Management Process

The Roanoke Valley doesn’t have much severe traffic congestion – and we want to keep it that way! Take the survey here. Modern technology has revolutionized our ability to define and objectively measure traffic congestion. Using “big data” collected from GPS-equipped vehicles and smart phone apps, we can literally see […]

Works from 2019 Writer by Bus Debut at Hollins University

Hollins University hosted the debut reading by 2019 Writer by Bus, Lucy Marcus.  Lucy read a selection from her chapbook of short stories “Dandelion Wishes,” the result of her time riding and writing about Valley Metro this summer.