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Take the stress out of your commute with RIDE Solutions. Our free app can help you find carpools, walking & bicycle routes, or transit stops that are nearby.



A commuter living in Blacksburg and working in Radford can save almost $2,000 each year just by carpooling every day. Find out how much you could save with our Commute Calculator.

We offer a carpool matching service for the region’s commuters, links to local cycling and walking resources, and a bus trip planner, for starters. You can get started with carpool matching by setting up an account now. Once you’ve signed up, you can also investigate transit routes that serve your locations.


By leaving your car at home, you can save up to 20 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions every day. Taking the bus allows you to read or do other work on your commute. Learn more about area transit options here:


Numerous studies have shown that daily exercise can reduce stress, alleviate symptoms of depressionimprove sleep patterns for individuals with insomnia, and reduce anxiety.

Cycling improves cardiovascular and aerobic fitness, lowers blood pressure, boosts energy, builds muscle, and improves coordination. Want to get started? Download the Connecting VA app to find the best walking and bike routes to get you where you need to go!