Know Your Options

Whether you are looking for a ride, offering a ride, or just looking to save some gas money, we can help you get around the greater Martinsville and Danville area.  Signing up for a carpool match with RIDE Solutions can match drivers with riders willing to share the cost of gas, and riders looking for drivers to help them get to work.  However you arrange your carpool, the savings are clear: Over $3,000 a year back in your pocket instead of in your gas tank, not to mention the savings on wear and tear on your vehicle.

Find out how much you could save with our Commute Calculator.

We offer a carpool matching service for the region’s commuters, links to local cycling and walking resources, and a bus trip planner, for starters. You can get started by setting up an account now.

To maximize your benefits, get your employer involved. It’s easier to find carpool partners when your employer and other nearby businesses participate.  Pass this link on to your manager or let us know how to get in touch with them.

Keep in Touch

Keep up with West Piedmont transportation-related news, new carpool announcements, and more through RIDE Solutions’ social media – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or our blog posts on news and events.