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To help you encourage your employees and teammates we created the following materials for you to share and promote the RIDE Solution Ride Smart Challenge.

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Download our materials and share them on your office bulletin board or social media accounts.

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Challenge newsletter or blast article for chambers and other partners

Ride Smart Challenge 2022: Join RIDE Solutions in encouraging employees to try new, cost-saving ways to commute to work! 

Hosted by RIDE Solutions, the Ride Smart Challenge encourages people to consider their transportation choices and make the pledge to try at least one new transportation mode between April 20th and May 4th. Participants are encouraged to walk, bike, take public transportation, telework, or carpool/vanpool instead of driving alone for at least one trip, during the two-week challenge period regardless of the reason.  Commuting, dining, shopping – every trip counts!  Our goal is to reach 1,000 clean commute trips across Southwest Virginia. 

Participation is easy, free.   Participants simply download the free RIDE Solutions app, register, and log at least one bike, walk, transit,  carpool/vanpool trip or telework session for a chance to win fun prizes.  The Challenge will also recognize local businesses with the highest percentages of employees participating, based on business size.

For details about the Ride Smart Challenge visit:

To learn more about how RIDE Solutions can help your employees find transportation alternatives to driving alone, visit:

Our team is standing by to support you in launching this event at your organization. You can contact [insert your name and contact information here] with any questions or requests for more details.


Challenge email to share with your employees

Join [your company name] and RIDE Solutions in taking 1,000 clean commute trips and saving money on gas by participating in the Ride Smart Challenge! 

An exciting opportunity to save some money on your commute and other trips is coming up – April 20 through May 4. RIDE Solutions is hosting a challenge event to encourage commuters to try out new ways to commute – cycling, walking, taking the bus, working from home, and carpooling/vanpooling.

Bike, walk, carpool, vanpool, take the bus, or telework instead of driving alone for trips throughout the event period. Every trip counts – your telecommute for work, your bike trip to the grocery store, your bus trip to see a friend: every mile taken off the road helps! This is also a great way to save money you would have otherwise spent on gas! 

Every trip you log brings us closer to 1,000 clean commutes. And every trip also earns you points you can cash in for valuable rewards, as well as the chance to win prize drawings for RIDE Solutions swag, gift certificates, and more!

 Download the RIDE Solutions app to join the fun! 2022 Ride Smart Challeng