Know Your Options

The New River Valley is a great place to work and play. If you’re looking to make the most of what it has to offer without relying on a car 24/7, we’re here to help you make that happen. A commuter living in Blacksburg and working Radford can save almost $2,000 each year just by carpooling every day. Find out how much you could save with our Commute Calculator.

We offer a carpool matching service for the region’s commuters, links to local cycling and walking resources, and a bus trip planner, for starters. You can get started with carpool matching by setting up an account now. Once you’ve signed up, you can also investigate transit routes that serve your locations. See the side bar link for known walking and biking routes and supporting infrastructure to help you plan a safer trip.

To maximize your benefits, get your employer involved. It’s easier to find carpool partners when your employer and other nearby businesses participate. If you don’t see them listed when you register, let us know! Want to encourage your employer to provide incentives and tax breaks for alternative commute options? Pass this link on to your manager or let us know how to get in touch! We’ll work with them to find the options that best fit your organization.

RIDE Solutions is proud to support community events in the area – coaching residents on trying unfamiliar travel options, spreading the word about what’s available, and providing cyclist support at an event through the Bike Valet “rental” service. Use the contact information below to contact us about how we can collaborate with your event.

Park and Rides

Park and rides are an easy way to connect with other commuters in the region. Popular park and rides can be found below.

  • 1-81 Exit 118
  • 1-81 Exit 94
  • US 460 and Route 808 (Near Pembroke)
  • Route 100 and Route 660 (Staffordsville)

For a list of all regional park and rides, visit create an account.

Supported Transit

Existing Bike/Walk System

View the New River Valley MPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.

Keep in Touch

Stay informed on NRV transportation-related news, new carpool announcements, and more through RIDE Solutions’ social media – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or our blog posts on news and events.

You can contact RIDE Solutions NRV staff member Christy Straight directly at or 540.639.9313.