Winter Biking Journal Part II

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Winter Biking Journal Part II

I think it was colder on the ride home than it was on the ride in!

I think there is something to the idea that this is habit forming; or, at least, that building a routine is important.  I have ridden, thus far this winter, as much as I have any other month last year.  Four days in February so far, which is hitting my goal of riding to work at least two days a week.

Taking the greenway in the winter is great – there are very few people on it, particularly on the in-commute in the morning.  The views are pretty if bleak, and when the river is high – as it has been the last few days – the sound of the rushing water is much better that the rumble of my minivan’s aging engine.

The weather is a bit more unpredictable, though – or perhaps I am simply not planning well enough.  I almost got caught in the rain on yesterday’s ride home, despite the chance of precipitation being relatively low, and this afternoon the wind was high and biting on my ride home, whereas the ride in this morning was relatively comfortable.

Still, I am starting to wonder if I don’t prefer winter commuting to spring and summer commuting.  It takes a bit longer to get ready, what with hunting down gloves and scarves and heavy coats – but the ride is peaceful, I am not fighting the humidity, and I’m getting a chance to get outdoors even on a frigid February morning.

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