What makes an “active and healthy living” community?

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What makes an “active and healthy living” community?

RIDE Solutions sponsors the Ride Smart Challenge to encourage everyone to explore their transportation options. One of the side effects of taking the Ride Smart Challenge and trying new ways to get where you’re going is learning more about your community. — What bus route is near me? Can I ride on the greenway to get to work? Are there safe bike routes near my house? Is someone near me looking for a carpool partner?

So the timing on this article published by Virginia Town and City is perfect for thinking about how active and healthy the living is in your community. And a local cyclist and transportation planner, Erik Olsen, has been thinking about how his community measures up to the characteristics of an activity-friendly place …

“Take-aways include these tidbits for a community, many for me which seem obvious – but I am in the weeds – do others think our town is an “activity-friendly environment”? The article mentions that such communities:

  • Encourage walking, bicycling, and active play and recreation
  • Adopt and implement transportation policies and practices that create complete streets, streets designed and operated to be safe and accessible for all users
  • Prioritize pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure
  • Have an environment where healthy foods are available and accessible
  • Have a comprehensive plan that promotes healthy and active living”

How would your community measure up? Why does it matter to you? You can read further at his blog to see where Erik thinks his community, Blacksburg, is meeting the challenge. Maybe it will give you some ideas for what you could champion where you live.

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