Wettest Bike Month EVER

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Wettest Bike Month EVER

If you were one of the brave souls who joined us for Saturday’s Night Rider’s Ball, thank you!  The bands were amazing, the view of the Virginia’s Blue Ridge Downtown Twilight Criterium was fantastic, and the rain was pretty darn soaking.

The Roanoke Times’ Kevin Myatt points out that as of May 19th, Roanoke had already seen more rain that it historically gets the entire month.  We’ve been rained out of most of our events this month to one extent or another (though our friends over at the Western Virginia Water Authority are no doubt pretty thrilled!).

At one point during Saturday’s event, in the midst of the women’s race during the Criterium, the rain hit so suddenly and so heavily that we watched Luck Avenue almost instantly flood, water rushing down both gutters in a torrent as the sky thickened and growled above us.  The folks at the show huddled beneath the RIDE Solutions tent and that of our neighbors, the folks from WFXR.  The fury was short-lived and the band played on.  Eventually, as the threat of major downpours retreated, the crowd started to grow in time to catch DJ Logic take the stage.

Still, we know a lot of folks were looking forward to getting on their bikes that night and couldn’t make it.  These are the dice you throw when planning outdoor events in the spring, and we lost a few bets this year.

We have one last week of Bike Month and one more event – the completion of the Clean Commute Challenge.  The weather looks better this time, so you’ve got one final chance to log those clean miles and win tickets to a (hopefully dry!) FloydFest!


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