Virginia’s Blue Ridge Highlights Zagster Bike Share Adventures

Virginia’s Blue Ridge Highlights Zagster Bike Share Adventures

One of the best ways to experience Roanoke in Virginia’s Blue Ridge is by bicycle, and there happens to be a robust bike share program that enables you to navigate from various points of the city and beyond.

Zagster is an app-based bike share program managed by RIDE Solutions with 16 kiosks around Roanoke and one in Vinton. Download the app, create a profile, and find a kiosk near you to rent your bike. Your ride will cost you $3 per hour but not more than $24 for the day. A built-in locking cable enables you to “hold” your bike at a rack while you explore the sites, grab a bite to eat, or shop.

“Shop?!” you might quizzically exclaim. Yes, shop. There’s a cute little basket on the front of each cruiser, and if it’s not carrying your toy poodle, it might as well carry to-go food or a sweet souvenir.

Choose a theme for your next Zagster adventure with these suggestions. Ride on!

Click the link below to find out all of the ways that Visit Virginia’s Blue Ridge says you could use your Zagster!

Zagster Bike Share Adventures in Virginia’s Blue Ridge

Article by: CASEY L. HIGGINS

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