Tell us how you would solve congestion!

Tell us how you would solve congestion!

WSLS 10 NBC in Roanoke/Lynchburg Va

The video is a clip from the April 5, 2013, evening news broadcast on WSLS 10.  It features a glimpse into how planners are trying to identify congestion bottlenecks throughout the region.  The next step is to develop approaches and strategies that address congestion before it is too late.  Of course, we are not Northern Virginia and we don’t face the severe congestion that they do on a daily basis.  From their perspective our top congestion concerns may even appear routine.  However, we have an opportunity get out in front of the issue and begin to address congestion in its early stages. 

It is true that the new Congestion Management Process (CMP) Plan, mentioned in the video, is a new Federal requirement because our urbanized area went over 200,000 in population.  Nevertheless, we see this new requirement as an opportunity to try to get a handle on congestion before it gets really irritating.  If we are successful, 20 years from now we will still feel that congestion isn’t that bad in Roanoke.  Our success will largely be unseen in severe congestion problems that never came to pass.  This is where you come in; please add a comment to this blog with your idea(s) about how to address congestion.  Think creatively, ideas can range from park and ride lots, highway improvement, advanced technology, public transportation to creative ideas we haven’t even thought of yet. Don’t be shy!

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