Take the Community Health Survey

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Take the Community Health Survey

Carilion Clinic is seeking information about health issues across the Roanoke region.  This information helps support the work of many agencies in the area – including RIDE Solutions.

We encourage you to take the survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2018CHA

Though health isn’t our main focus here at RIDE Solutions, we recognize that our ability to help people choose active transportation modes like biking and walking does have a positive impact on public health.  Indeed, we’d argue that for many people, the ability to integrate healthy physical activity into their everyday trips is ideal.  Not everyone wants to run a 5K or hike McAfee’s Knob (as beautiful as it is), but a daily bike commute or walk to the bus stop might accomplish just as much.

Carilion’s efforts through it’s Community Health Assessment program provides vital data that helps organizations like RIDE Solutions understand the needs of our community.  For us, it can help direct things like key employers to work with to make sure biking and walking is a safe option to get to work for folks who don’t have cars.  It can help identify neighborhoods that need improved bike and pedestrian infrastructure, or Traffic Skills 101 courses to help new cyclists better equipped to ride with traffic.  It can also help us assist other organizations working in neighborhoods identified through the Health Assessment by analyzing how transportation options or the lack thereof can intersect with other health-focused programming and outreach.

If you haven’t, take the survey.  If you have, share it.  Here it is again: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2018CHA

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