Blue Skies in the Roanoke Times

Shenandoah National Park: Good air quality day vs. poor air quality day | Photo by the National Park Service

Mark McCaskill, a Senior Planner here at the Regional Commission, had an air quality op-ed published in The Roanoke Times this past Sunday:

The unusually early and hot summer has resulted in higher risks of the creation of ground-level ozone, or smog (the pollutant that causes the haze that obscures our gorgeous vistas). Besides restricting views, ground-level ozone can make it difficult to breathe – particularly for groups like the elderly, small children and those with respiratory diseases such as asthma – and in high enough concentrations can even affect very healthy people.

One of the reasons RIDE Solutions does what it does in the Roanoke region is to help mitigate air quality issues.  Check out Mark’s op-ed for more information on ozone pollution and what you can do to keep Roanoke’s sky’s blue.