Danville Riverwalk Trail Keeps Growing

Many residents of the West Piedmont Planning District are familiar with the Danville Riverwalk Trail, located in the City of Danville.  In recent years, the approximately 12-mile long Danville Riverwalk Trail has been extended westward along the Dan River to about Advance Street, located approximately 0.4-mile east of the Robertson Bridge/Piedmont Drive.  Additionally, the trail is in the process of being extended via a series of phased activities, which include the following:


Smart Scale Funded Projects in the West Piedmont Planning District

Last week’s blog was about Smart Scale applications submitted in 2018, which have been recommended for funding.  This week’s blog will cover those Smart Scale projects within the West Piedmont Planning District which have been funded during past rounds and are currently scheduled for funding via the State’s Six Year Improvement Program.  As noted last week, Smart Scale is a relatively recent data-driven funding mechanism which ranks projects based on factors including safety, economic development, accessibility, congestion mitigation, and environmental impact; land use is another more

How Does West Piedmont Get to Work?

Each locality is home to individuals who travel to work, and each person has his or her own way of commuting to their place of employment.  The West Piedmont Planning District (WPPD) is very similar to the State as well as to the U.S. with regard to the modes of transportation residents utilize to get to work, but with some differences.


Get to Know Danville

Danville is the largest city in the West Piedmont Planning District, with a population of 42,360, based on U.S. Census Bureau’s 2012 – 2016 American Community Survey.  Historically, Danville has played a large role in the tobacco and textile industries, and was once home to internationally-known Dan River Industries.