Smart Scale Funded Projects in the West Piedmont Planning District

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Smart Scale Funded Projects in the West Piedmont Planning District

Last week’s blog was about Smart Scale applications submitted in 2018, which have been recommended for funding.  This week’s blog will cover those Smart Scale projects within the West Piedmont Planning District which have been funded during past rounds and are currently scheduled for funding via the State’s Six Year Improvement Program.  As noted last week, Smart Scale is a relatively recent data-driven funding mechanism which ranks projects based on factors including safety, economic development, accessibility, congestion mitigation, and environmental impact; land use is another factor that applies to urbanized areas over 200,000 population.

Smart Scale projects in the region which are to be funded and scheduled for construction include the following:

Danville Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)

  • Route 58/Route 311 Intersection Improvement. This project, located just west of Danville in Pittsylvania County, will involve the construction of a left turn lane, a shared left-through lane, and a channelized right turn lane on northbound Berry Hill Road (Route 311), improvements to existing turn lanes on Martinsville Highway (U.S. Route 58 Business), and traffic signal optimization.  This project is part of a process to facilitate improvements to the local transportation system as the Berry Hill Industrial Park develops.  The date for construction advertisement for this project is March 2020.
  • Mount Cross Road/Whitmell School Road Intersection Improvements. This project involves the construction of a right turn lane on the westbound portion of Mount Cross Road (Route 750/844) at its intersection with Whitmell School Road (Route 750) in Pittsylvania County.  Implementation of access management strategies in the vicinity of a business along the west end of the intersection will also be part of the project.  Construction is anticipated to begin during Fiscal Year 2023.

Franklin County

  • Improvements to Brooks Mill Road (Route 834) and Burnt Chimney Road (Route 670) This project will reconstruct the current intersection location eastward to enhance visibility for vehicles traveling on Burnt Chimney Road.  The main feature of this project will be the replacement of the current intersection with a roundabout which will include pedestrian accommodations.  In addition, access management strategies will be implemented at a business adjacent to the intersection.  Construction is anticipated to begin in Fiscal Year 2022.
  • Southway Regional Business Park Project. This project, associated with the new Summit View Business Park (formerly known as Southway Regional Business Park), will involve the conversion of the existing portion of Brick Church Road (Route 697) adjoining Route 220 to a cul-de-sac. Brick Church Road will be supplanted with two new access roads north and south of the current intersection, along with turn lanes; a new 10’ multi-use path; and a 150-space park and ride lot with accommodations for four electric car charging stations.
  • Roadway Improvements on Routes 122 and 636 Intersection. This project, located at the intersection of Booker T. Washington Highway (Route 122) and Hardy Road (Route 636) will involve the improvement of an existing right turn lane on Route 122 southbound and the construction of a new left turn lane on the northbound section of Route 122.  Additional work to enhance safety will include access management at a business located on the northeast section of the intersection.  Construction is anticipated to begin in Fiscal Year 2020.

Henry County

  • Virginia Avenue (US 220 Business) Pedestrian Safety Accommodation. This project will address a pedestrian safety need by constructing a crosswalk and associated pedestrian signal at the intersection of Virginia Avenue and Wheeler Avenue in Collinsville.  Additionally, approximately 1,000 feet of sidewalk will be constructed on the west side of Virginia Avenue between Wheeler Avenue and Printers Lane.  Construction is anticipated to begin in Fiscal Year 2020.
  • Intersection of Route 609 and Route 683 Safety Improvements. The project will enhance safety at the intersection of The Great Road (Route 683) and Dillons Fork Road (Route 609) by grading a slope to improve driver sight distance and replacing static intersection flashers with flashers that are actuated when a vehicle is present at the intersection.  Construction is anticipated to begin in Fiscal Year 2019.
  • US 58 East Turn Lane Construction at US 58/220 Bypass. This project will involve the construction of a right turn lane along eastbound U.S. Route 58 at the U.S. 58/220 Bypass to enhance safety.

Patrick County

  • Route 8 Safety Improvements. This project will involve the widening of shoulders and the placement of guardrails along a 2.8-mile segment of Route 8 south of the Floyd County line, which is characterized by mountainous terrain.

Pittsylvania County

  • Climax Road Improvements. The project involves widening about 10.5 miles of Climax Road (Route 799) from Route 57 to Route 40 to a total of 20 feet to enhance safety along the roadway.

City of Danville

  • Arnett Boulevard Improvements. The project involves the construction of sidewalks on both sides of Arnett Boulevard between Guilford Street and Wendell Scott Drive, as well as crosswalks and pedestrian signals.  Bike lanes will also be implemented along this segment of Arnett Boulevard.  A short segment of sidewalk will also be constructed along Guilford Street in the vicinity of GLH Johnson Elementary School.


  • Mount Cross Road Widening Phase 1. The project was awarded Virginia House Bill 2 (now known as Smart Scale) funding to supplement other allocated funding to widen an approximately 2,000’ section of Mount Cross Road from Old Mount Cross Road to Parker Road.  The current three-lane configuration (two lanes plus a center turn lane) will be widened to four travel lanes plus a combination raised median and center turn lane.  A 10’ wide sidewalk of varying width will be constructed along the south side of the road.  The project also involves the purchase of two mini buses to transport passengers to Averett University’s North Campus, as well as the installation of a bus shelter.

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