RIDE Solutions Launches Annual Clean Commute Challenge


RIDE Solutions Launches Annual Clean Commute Challenge

Roanoke, VA. (April 28, 2015) – In 2014, RIDE Solutions broke records with its annual Clean Commute Challenge, removing over 70,000 miles from the region’s roads as people across central and southwest Virginia were encouraged to carpool, bike, walk, take transit, or telework instead of driving alone.

This year, RIDE Solutions is hoping to continue the trend, with higher goals and new ways for people to participate.

Each year, RIDE Solutions, the region’s popular commuter service program, challenges area commuters to take the Clean Commute Pledge, a way to explore their commute options at least one day during the month. Commuters can take the pledge online at www.ridesolutions.org/cleancommute.

To make the challenge more exciting, RIDE Solutions has opened it up to trips that aren’t exclusively work-related. “While commute trips have a huge impact, we know that most trips a household takes are not related to the daily commute,” says Program Director Jeremy Holmes. “We want people to try carpooling, biking, walking and transit for all kinds of trips – whether it’s carpooling to lunch with coworkers, riding a bike to see a movie, or walking to the store instead of driving.”

In addition to taking the pledge, participants can get more involved by logging their clean trips throughout the month. Each trip logged gives participants an entry into weekly prize drawings. Finally, participants can start or join an existing Clean Commute Team, counting each logged trip towards their team performance and earning bigger and better prizes.

“Using a clean commute option, even one day a week, has immediate benefits for both commuters and our communities,” says Holmes. “It’s a simple way to enjoy the region’s many outdoor amenities, make our communities stronger and cleaner, and actually have fun getting to work.”

The Clean Commute Challenge is one of a number of events organized by RIDE Solutions to celebrate Bike Month. A full calendar of events can be found online at http://ridesolutions.org/bikemonth.

RIDE Solutions is a service of the Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission, the New River Valley Planning District Commission and Region 2000.

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