RIDE Solutions hosts Legacy International Youth Group

RIDE Solutions hosts Legacy International Youth Group

On June 11, 2013, Legacy International’s Indonesian Youth Leadership group spent their first day in Roanoke, VA with Ride Solutions talking about alternative transportation and community activism.  

The Indonesia-US Youth Leadership Program offers high school students a practical, hands-on experience in environmental action planning and leadership development. This two-way exchange will focus on community activism to address local and regional environmental issues in the U.S. and Indonesia. The students return home and are tasked with completing environmental improvement projects in their schools and communities.

In following up on last year’s presentation from RIDE Solutions, we are pleased to learn that the students efforts received enormous praise from the school. One of their goals was to educate fellow students about saving fuel and improving air quality. They recruited nine volunteers from first and second year classes,  and held a “Bike to School Day” event where all the school members, including the principal, teachers and students,  were not allowed to ride motorcycles or drive cars to school.

Legacy International's Indonesian Youth Leadership at RIDE Solutions

The school officials loved their Bike to School project, so to honor their works and to reduce air pollution,  the school principal instituted a “Reduce Air Pollution Day” every Friday. Now, no student or school official is allowed to ride a motorcycle or drive a car to get to school on Friday. They must walk, bicycle, or use public transportation. 

For more information about Legacy International’s programs, visit www.legacyintl.org


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