West Piedmont Employer Profile – Monogram Foods

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West Piedmont Employer Profile – Monogram Foods

Monogram Foods is a major employer in the Martinsville/Henry County area, which continues to invest and expand.

According to the company website, the Memphis, TN – based firm currently employs 2,600 nationwide, and has been operating at the Patriot Centre Industrial Park in Henry County since 2009, when it took over Knauss Foods with 130 employees.  Since that time, Monogram has been expanding at its Patriot Centre facility, where it now employs 700 and has added 56,000 square feet to the premises.

The firm specializes in producing snack-type foods such as onion rings; potato skins; hot dogs and corn dogs; bacon; jerky of the turkey, beef, chicken, stick, and beefsteak varieties; and many other types of foods and snacks.  According to Monogram’s website, the company fulfills 90 percent of the bacon jerky market.

Monogram Foods has been committed to Martinsville and Henry County for nearly the past decade, since the company initiated its operations here.  And Monogram continues to commit itself to our region.  Just this past September, the company announced a $30 million expansion in Henry County, which will mark its fifth expansion in the county.  As part of this expansion, Monogram plans to add 300 jobs over the next year or so.  The expansion will also involve new product line offerings.

Based on a Streetlight Insight (a firm that uses “big data” to analyze commuting patterns) analysis at the census block group level, Monogram’s employees reside mostly throughout the Martinsville/Henry County area.  Some commute from somewhat further locations, such as Patrick County, Danville, and the Chatham areas.  RIDE Solutions is very well-positioned to assist Monogram Foods and its many employees with transportation options.  Not only can we help employees save up to $3,000 per year by choosing to carpool, enabling them to set aside funds for other activities, but we can help Monogram grow its workforce by furnishing its workers with reliable transportation and, subsequently employee attendance.  Furthermore, if numerous employees are commuting from a similar geographic area, RIDE Solutions can help to subsidize a vanpool service.

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