Regional Traffic Congestion Spots


Regional Traffic Congestion Spots

Blog8-Image1Regional Planners are working on the region’s first ever Congestion Management Process (CMP) Plan, that is a new Federal requirement because our urbanized area went over 200,000 in population.

We see this new requirement as an opportunity to try to get a handle on congestion before it gets really irritating.  If we are successful, 20 years from now we will still feel that congestion isn’t that bad in Roanoke.


Blog8-Image2We have been taking “congestion snapshots” using Google Traffic in the morning, lunch, early afternoon (first shift) and afternoon (rush hour) for several months.  The three images presented here are congestion spots that recur on multiple occasions: Cave Spring Corners, Tanglewood Mall, and SE Roanoke/Town of Vinton.  Please tell us how you would address traffic congestion in these locations.  Would you add buses, build more roads, use technology such as coordinated signals, add park and ride lots, or a combination of the above approaches.  Please use the comment box at the bottom of this blog to tell us what you would do!

Blog8-Image3This is the first of several congestion related blogs that will feature different congestion spots in the Valley.  This is your chance to provide input and to help the region get a handle on congestion before it is a problem.  If the Roanoke Valley is successful, the triumph will be congestion problems that do not occur in the future.  Help the region be an unsung hero with regards to congestion by providing your input today so we can all avoid congestion tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Regional Traffic Congestion Spots

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  2. What about the congestion on 220 getting to Tanglewood from Clearbrook? Since installing the two new stoplights coming down towards Koals from takes 20 minutes to get from the new Walmart…to the where the old Walmart is. This is a problem around 8:30 in the mornings and various times. It’s ridiculous..I always think there has been an accident or something but it’s just the morning backup.

  3. Debbie, thank you for your feedback. We will definitely look at 220 including Clearbrook and the new Walmart. Do you have any suggestions concerning this area? Is it a matter of traffic lights or something else? Would carpooling or bus service help? Thanks in advance!

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