Regional Profile – Piedmont Area Regional Transit (PART)

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Regional Profile – Piedmont Area Regional Transit (PART)

Piedmont Area Regional Transit (PART) serves as the public transportation system for the City of Martinsville and Henry County.  PART was established in 2009 as a result of a transit study between the City and County, and is operated by RADAR of Roanoke, a non-profit organization that has specialized in public and private human service activities for decades.

The service began operating two 14-seat buses, but because of increasing ridership, those were upgraded to 20-seat vehicles in 2014.  The system operates on a deviated fixed-route basis, meaning that buses adhere to a fixed route, but will deviate off that route up to ¾-mile if requested.  Though operated by PART, the system is managed jointly by the City of Martinsville and Henry County.

Though PART began serving the City and County with two routes, a third was added in April 2017, which focuses on the southern part of Martinsville, as well as the commercial establishments along U.S. Route 220 Business in Henry County just south of the City.  The three routes served by PART include the Collinsville Route, serving the northern section of Martinsville as well as the Collinsville area; the Martinsville Route, serving most of the major locations in the City; and the Southside Route, again, serves the southern section of Martinsville and the adjacent section of Henry County along U.S. Route 220 Business, home to numerous retail establishments.  PART serves major destinations in the Martinsville/Henry County area including uptown Martinsville, the Village of Martinsville shopping center located along Commonwealth Boulevard, SOVAH Health (Memorial Hospital), the Department of Social Services, Patrick Henry Community College, and residential areas including apartment complexes.

PART operates from 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Monday – Friday, and a ride costs 50 cents (exact change), though children under six years old ride free when riding with an adult.  Wal-Mart, located at the intersection of Virginia Avenue (U.S. Route 220 Business) and Commonwealth Boulevard, serves as PART’s main transfer hub for those looking to transfer between routes.  More information about PART can be found at the City of Martinsville or the Henry County webpage: or

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