Pulaski’s Positive Transit Trends

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Pulaski’s Positive Transit Trends

Pulaski Area Transit trips made and miles traveled is increasing steadily year over year. That means more citizens riding the bus and going more places.This rural transit system serving the Town of Pulaski and Pulaski County goes to destinations like New River Community College and local businesses for the benefit of students getting to class and work and local residents running errands and keeping appointments. In other words, giving people an option to live and work in their community without depending on their car. And doing it successfully.

Transit systems measure how many miles the bus travels and how many times people hop on to go somewhere. Knowing how many trips people are making tells us if the bus is going where they want to go. The fact that PAT is seeing more trips can mean more people are riding the bus or people are riding the bus more frequently. Either way, it’s serving Pulaski County citizens well.

Some of this can be attributed to the addition of the Fairlawn route and adding a stop serves Walmart on Saturdays as well. This kind of expansion requires an investment from the community. Pulaski County sees the value of the PAT and stepped up to invest in its success. Indeed, the success of any transit system relies on all of its stakeholders – the people who ride the bus, the people who allocate funding to make it affordable, and the employees who are committed to making sure the buses run and go where they need to go.

We’re excited to see the growth of this system through more ridership and more destinations being served in the County.

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