Public Transit Needs Public Support

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Public Transit Needs Public Support

The Roanoke Times’ Sunday edition featured a commentary piece I wrote about the need for robust public transportation in the Roanoke Valley.

valley_metro_busYou can read the full commentary at, but here’s what I think is a key passage:

Public transit helps the valley live up to its reputation as being a great outdoor destination by reducing vehicle emissions, making our roads more efficient by reducing congestion and limiting the need for parking, which can encourage more green space. From an economic development and quality of life perspective, public transit is increasingly important to the Millennial generation, which is less likely to want to own cars and more likely to want to live in traditional, walkable urban neighborhoods where public transit is a convenient connection to elsewhere in the community. As the Roanoke Valley seeks to grow existing businesses and attract new ones, the workforce that will support those enterprises will see robust public transit as a necessary component of the community.


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