More on the Star Line Violinist

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More on the Star Line Violinist

If you missed it, here’s a sample of last week’s surprise performance on the Star Line Trolley.


On the morning of Thursday, March 27th, we put a violinist on the Star Line Trolley to surprise riders with a morning performance.

This was part of our Art by Bus program, a partnership with the Marginal Arts Festival in Roanoke to get art and culture on the region’s transit system. In Lynchburg, Lynchburg City Schools partnered with GLTC to display students’ artwork during April.

The performance immediately preceded a Sustainable Transportation Summit organized by RIDE Solutions and the Cabell Brand Center to bring attention to the many issues that can be addressed by transportation choice. During the summit, a panel of women hosted by The Advancement Foundation discussed the importance that transit played in their lives, but also the limitations it imposed. One woman described a three hour bus trip for an errand that would take an automobile 30 minutes. All of the women mentioned the stigma that transit riders are often faced with.

This performance will become part of an ongoing effort called the Transit Interpretation Project: Roanoke, (TrIP) an offshoot of the Orlando, Florida-based effort by the same name organized by artist and advocate Patrick Greene.

For more information about TrIP, visit the website at

Keep up with Roanoke-based TrIP activities here at the RIDE Solutions blog,, or search for #TrIP_Roanoke on Twitter and Facebook.

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