Make a Bike Short this Snowpocalypse

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Make a Bike Short this Snowpocalypse

Plan on being trapped in the snow this weekend?  Why not make a movie and maybe win some money while you’re at it?

The deadline for the Bike Shorts Film Festival seems like it’s a lifetime away, but March 31st will be here before you know it.  And with the incredible snow forecast for this weekend in much of our service area, this could be a great time to do the short bike film the world has been waiting for.

What kind of inspiration might you get from 25″ of snow?  Here are some ideas:

  • Post-apocalyptic story of impassable roads that can only be navigated by bicycles.  Think Cormac McCarthy’s The Road but with no cars and…less cannibalism, hopefully.
  • Seems like we get one zombie film a year, so why not snow zombies?
  • Maybe some hard-core trail riding in the snow?
  • Or if you just don’t want to go outside, why not drop a beat with a bike-based battle rap?

Regardless of what you come up, just think of the excitement of seeing your creation on the big screen at the Grandin Theatre’s premiere on Friday, May 6th!  And then take your friends on a road tour to see our screenings in Lynchburg, Blacksburg, and more!  And then gain YouTube fame (and possibly our YouTube award) when you’re included in the Bike Shorts YouTube channel!

So, this week, make sure to pick up bread, milk, and extra batteries for your camera and start working on the next masterpiece to come out of Southwest Virginia.

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