Local Discussion on Henry County Bus Routes

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Local Discussion on Henry County Bus Routes

This past spring, Henry County and Martinsville unveiled the addition of a new Piedmont Area Regional Transit (PART) bus routes that would run throughout the local communities.

Some residents would like to see the service area of PART buses expanded further.  Residents of Ridgeway have signed a petition to have the PART bus routes expanded to their town. The purpose of the petition is to assist the many individuals who reside in Ridgeway that to not have access to a car.

Unfortunately, largely due to funding, the bus service is unlikely to expand to Ridgeway in the near future.  The only way for an expansion to occur would be for either inefficiencies to be identified on the current routes, or for additional local funds to be provided to increase the service area of the buses.  According to the article, local officials are currently pleased with the existing routes offered by the bus system.  The full article can be accessed here.

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