ICYMI: Roanoke’s Getting Bike Friendlier

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ICYMI: Roanoke’s Getting Bike Friendlier

Dan Casey of The Roanoke Times did a great article last week on his experience with Roanoke’s growing bike friendliness.

He goes on to site a number of experiences and statistics to show how many more people are riding these days, and the number of events that are happening to encourage people to ride (including our Clean Commute Challenge and annual Tweed Ride).


Bicycle valet at the 2016 Night Rider’s Ball, downtown Roanoke

Of course, it’s important to note that this didn’t happen in a vacuum – a ton of motivated individuals and organizations have all played a role, including local governments, the regional partnership, even businesses like Carilion Clinic and Norfolk Southern have all had a hand in improving education and infrastructure to make cycling safer and easier for everyone.

A few years ago, I had the chance to answer “3 Questions About Roanoke’s Bike Culture,” discussing where we were at the time and how far we had progressed.  It’s great to see, just two year’s later, that we are continuing to make headway in making Roanoke the bicycle capital of the south!

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