Henry County Bike Club is Growing

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Henry County Bike Club is Growing

The Henry County Bike Club (HCBC) continues to expand opportunities for local cyclists.  The club focuses primarily on leisure rides throughout the Martinsville and Henry County area.

With the continued expansion of trails and an increasing number of members, there are more opportunities than ever for cyclists to connect with individuals that share the same hobby.

From the Martinsville Bulletin article:

[HCBC President Tommy] Smith noted that the club isn’t just maintaining its hold in the community, rather expanding its operation with each event it participates in. Smith bolsters the success of the group’s second annual “Get Out Side Ride Run Walk” 2016 New Years Day event, explaining that participation doubled from the previous year. The ride consisted of 15, 30 and 50 mile groups, varying routes from the streets of Martinsville to the Dick and Willie Trail. Besides maintaining a high level of physical activity, the club also works to take on a public service role as well.

Don’t forget, cycling isn’t just for exercise and leisure!  You can save money, improve your health and have a positive impact on the environment by commuting to work on your bicycle!

To learn more about the HRBC, visit their webpage at henrycountybikeclub.com or visit their Facebook page.

via henrycountybikeclub.com

via henrycountybikeclub.com

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