Get to the airport – leave your car at home.

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Get to the airport – leave your car at home.

We’ve been telling you getting to and from the airport is very convenient with the Smart Way bus. And it is. But there’s more. The airport announced Lyft will now be permitted to provide airport drop-off and pick-up service for their users.

It’s true, Lyft isn’t serving the Roanoke market yet. But, as the airport puts these agreements in place, it will become easier for these book-by-app transportation services to enter the market and get you to your flight. That means more options than simply paying to park your car at the airport for extended trips. You can catch the Smart Way, book an Uber ride, and of course, still call a cab company to get a ride. More options mean you can find what works for you – letting you save time or money or headache arranging your schedule.

So here’s what’s available to get to the airport without driving yourself there or getting a friend or family member to drop you off:

  • the Smart Way bus (if you’re coming back on a Sunday, ask for an airport transfer when you take the bus for your outbound trip)
  • the Uber app
  • local transportation companies

One thought on “Get to the airport – leave your car at home.

  1. I like that you mention that there are now more options for getting to the airport than just leaving your car there and parking it. Having a car service take you to the airport can save a lot of stress when it comes to traveling. Besides, you have a lot of money that would have gone to pay to leave your car that the airport.

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