Get to Know West Piedmont

Get to Know West Piedmont

Need a ride in the West Piedmont Region?  Looking to save money and extend the life of your vehicle?  Welcome to RIDE Solutions!  Serving Franklin, Henry, Patrick, and Pittsylvania counties, the cities of Danville and Martinsville, and the Town of Rocky Mount, RIDE Solutions will create a robust network of carpoolers throughout the region, matching those who wish to ride with those who can drive.

This program expands transportation options for both employers and employees, enabling employers to more effectively access a workforce with reliable transportation, and providing employees with a more dependable means to get to work, or to expand their horizons and access employment in areas previously unattainable to them!

The West Piedmont Region can best be described as a rural region characterized by population and employment centers in cities, towns, and villages.  The largest population center in the region is the City of Danville, having an estimated population of 42,360.  The City of Martinsville is the second largest, with an estimated 13,551 persons.  The regional population is estimated at 244,922 over an area of 2,587 square miles, resulting in 95 persons per square mile.  The cities of Danville and Martinsville, as well as portions of Henry County, are served by public transit, though other areas of the region – many of them very rural – are not.  RIDE Solutions can especially be a true solution for citizens of these areas who lack other transportation options, enabling them to access employment!

While employment in general is widely scattered throughout the region, much of it is concentrated in business/industrial parks, particularly in the Martinsville and Danville areas.  Some of these employment centers include Patriot Centre Industrial Park and Commonwealth Crossing Business Centre in Henry County, as well as Airside Industrial Park in the City of Danville and Cane Creek Centre in Pittsylvania County.  Some of the region’s largest employers include local/regional hospitals such as SOVAH Health in Danville and Martinsville and Carilion in Franklin County; Monogram Food Solutions, Eastman Chemical, and Springs Global U.S., Inc.; Nestle; Ikea; and Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.  Other major employers include Radial (eBay Enterprise), The Results Companies, Centra Health, Unique Industries, Intertape Polymer, and Amthor International.

RIDE Solutions, recommitting itself to the West Piedmont Region, has for years served Roanoke, the New River Valley, and the Lynchburg Region.  In addition to carpooling, the program promotes public transit, bicycle commuting, telework, and is on the cusp of managing vanpools.  To learn more about RIDE Solutions and register for a carpool, please visit today!

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