Bicycle and Pedestrian Awareness Month

September is Bicycle and Pedestrian Awareness Month. Join us and Drive Smart Virginia and #sharetheroad.

According to the Virginia DMV, in 2017, 114 pedestrians and 13 bicyclists were killed on Virginia roadways.  In that same period, 623 bicyclists and 1,571 pedestrians were injured.

September is Bicycle and Pedestrian Awareness Month – an opportunity to remind ourselves that whether on four wheels, two wheels, or two legs, we all have to share the roads.

Understanding our rights and responsibilities as road users, and making careful effort to watch for other vehicles on the road, especially vulnerable cyclists and pedestrians, will make our streets safer.  With the increase in mobile devices and distracted driving, it is more important than ever to pay attention.

What are some things you can do this September to improve safety in the region?

  • Use our Incident Reporting Tool to let us know about unsafe encounters.  You can anonymously report poor road conditions, dangerous drivers, irresponsible cyclists, and other information.  This helps us work with planners and law enforcement to identify and fix problem areas.
  • View and share our Bicycle Safety in the Roanoke Valley video, produced by RVTC.  This provides helpful tips for cyclists and drivers to understand their rights and responsibilities on the road.

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