Fallon Park Bikeshare Station Now Live

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Fallon Park Bikeshare Station Now Live

It took a bit, but our Fallon Park bikeshare station is now up and running and serving Roanoke’s Southeast neighborhoods.

We’re excited to expand bikeshare a bit east and northward with our newest station in Roanoke’s Fallon Park, in the Southeast neighborhood.  At the corner of 19th and Dale near Fallon Park Elementary, the station provides easy access to downtown Roanoke and Vinton via two new bike lanes on Dale Ave.  The Tinker Creek Greenway and Roanoke River Greenway are also easily accessible.

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This marks our effort both to include more neighborhoods outside of the downtown and nearby core, as well as extend towards other jurisdictions.  We are working closely with the Town of Vinton on the possibility of one or more stations there, for example.

Special thanks are due to Carilion Clinic, the sponsor of the station, and Boxley Materials, who donated the gravel we needed for the pad.  We also want to thank Roanoke Parks and Rec for their permission to install that station in the City park.

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