Employer Services

We offer a range of services that will help your organization meet its needs - from employee wellness, to corporate sustainability goals, to facility management and employee benefits.

Always Free

As a program of your local planning districts and the Department of Rail and Public transit, all RIDE Solutions employer services are absolutely free of charge. By encouraging your employees to take advantage of their commute options, you’re contributing to a better travel experience for everyone on Virginia’s roads.

Here is some of what RIDE Solutions can provide:

Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Employee Survey:  RIDE Solutions will create, administer, and analyze a survey of employees’ transportation needs and preferences.
  • Density Mapping: RIDE Solutions will develop a density map using employer provided geographical data to show potential ridematching and vanpool opportunities, in addition to proximity to safe biking and transit options.
  • Site Analysis:  RIDE Solutions will provide a written report on a worksite’s access to transportation alternatives, recommendations for improvements, and potential impacts.
Promotion and Education
  • kelly-presentTransportation Fair: RIDE Solutions will organize local alternative transportation providers such as bike shops and transit agencies to provide employees with information on all their transportation options.
  • Posters and Marketing Collateral: RIDE Solutions will provide posters, flyers, signage, and other materials promoting transportation options and related messages, all branded to be consistent with your organization.
  • Registration Contest:  RIDE Solutions will create and administer a registration drive contest for employees.
  • Lunch and Learns: RIDE Solutions will sponsor lunch and learn sessions with employees on topics from first time bike commuter tips, to using our carpool matching service, to the health impacts of alternative transportation. RIDE Solutions will cover the cost for lunches.
  • Promotional Copy:  RIDE Solutions will develop custom promotional copy to be used in a blast email, on an intranet, in an employee newsletter, or other media.
Awards and Certification
  • Bicycle Fleed_silverriendly Business Consultation:  RIDE Solutions will provide consultation on the employer’s next Bicycle Friendly Business application.
  • Best Workplaces for Commuters Consultation:  RIDE Solutions will provide consultation on the employer’s next Best Workplaces for Commuters application.
  • LEED Certification Assistance:  RIDE Solutions will provide consultation on obtaining Alternative Transportation credits for various LEED certification Programs.
  • Continuing Education Credits, Sustainable Transportation:  RIDE Solutions will provide an online or in-person educational program on sustainable transportation. The program can count as 1 hour of continuing education credits towards many certification programs.
  • Roanoke Regional Chamber Cool Green Biz program:  RIDE Solutions will provide consultation on receiving certification under the Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Cool Green Biz program.
Capacity Building
  • Complimentary Bike Racks:  RIDE Solutions can offer Workplace partners bike racks to increase their bike parking capacity free of charge.
  • Vanpooling:  RIDE Solutions can connect Workplace partners to funding opportunities through Vanstart and other grant to kickstart a vanpool program.
  • Telework: Through the Telework!VA program, RIDE Solutions can connect employers to tax benefits to reduce the initial costs of starting a telecommuting program.
  • Tax Deferred Communter Benefits: RIDE Solutions can help you implement the Bike Commuter or Transit Commuter Fringe Benefit to reduce the cost of your employees exploring their transportation options.
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