Bikes are good for business.  Becoming a League-certified Bicycle Friendly Business recognizes the work you've put in to make your workplace safe and welcoming for employees and customers to arrive by bicycle.  Becoming a Bicycle Friendly Business has all kinds of advantages, from addressing parking management issues, to supporting employee health and wellness programs, to positioning your business to better recruit and retain valuable employees.  Plus, Bicycle Friendly Businesses help support an equitable transportation option that assures all your employees can get to work.

RIDE Solutions can guide you through the Bicycle Friendly Business application with expert guidance, programs, and resources to help you achieve maximum recognition.  Then, our ongoing commuter services program can support the maintenance and improvement of your application year over year.

RIDE Solutions will walk you through the E's of being a Bicycle Friendly Business:

  • Encouragement: Assist with group rides, contests, Bike Month challenges, and other programs to get your employees on bicycles.
  • Education: Classes, videos, and materials so your employees - especially those who don't bike to work - understand the law and know how to use the roads safely with cyclists.
  • Engineering: Guidance on facilities, parking practices, and other efforts to make sure cyclists are safe and comfortable.
  • Evaluation: Survey development and deployment along with trip tracking through the RIDE Solutions app so you know your program is having the impact you want.

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