90% of every dollar you spend on a gallon of gas leaves the local economy.

What is Drive Small?  Driving small means sharing a ride to the mall or family dinner, riding your bike to work on Fridays, taking the bus downtown to shop – anything that takes miles off the roads and cars out of parking lots.

Driving Small helps more than just your pocketbook, though.  Most of the money you would have spent on gas actually leaves the local economy – mostly in the form of extraction, refinement, and transportation costs for the petroleum that powers our cars.  In fact, 90 cents out of every dollar you spent goes to cover these costs and federal taxes.  What’s left is the impact that your money has on our local economy.

By Driving Small this holiday season, you’ll keep more money in your pocket, money you can spend on our great small businesses and local experiences when gift-giving.

Your Drive Small trips are even more rewarding with the RIDE Solutions app.  Download the app to your Apple or Android device, or register here. Every trip you log earns you points that you can cash in on valuable rewards from local and national partners.

Interested in becoming a RIDE Solutions reward partner?  Contact us and we’ll get you started!