Danville Riverwalk Trail Keeps Growing

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Danville Riverwalk Trail Keeps Growing

Many residents of the West Piedmont Planning District are familiar with the Danville Riverwalk Trail, located in the City of Danville.  In recent years, the approximately 12-mile long Danville Riverwalk Trail has been extended westward along the Dan River to about Advance Street, located approximately 0.4-mile east of the Robertson Bridge/Piedmont Drive.  Additionally, the trail is in the process of being extended via a series of phased activities, which include the following:

  • Extension of the trail from Robertson Bridge approximately 865 feet to the intersection of Park Avenue and Riverside Drive (U.S. Route 58 Business), from which further extensions can enable the trail to access various institutional and commercial/retail uses nearby.
  • An approximately 2,500-foot extension of the trail between the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Bridge and the Union Street Bridge along the south bank of the Dan River. This extension will enable the trail to provide access to a planned waterfront park located on this south bank, just west of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Bridge and Main Street.
  • Extension of the trail by approximately 3,200 feet from its current eastern terminus near the Danville Regional Airport, past the airport and to South Boston Road (U.S. Route 58 Business). Plans are in the works to eventually connect the Danville Riverwalk Trail with the Ringgold Depot Trail, a 5.5-mile trail located in the eastern portion of Pittsylvania County.
  • The City of Danville Department of Parks and Recreation recently hosted a public input meeting to solicit public feedback into an initiative to extend trail access into neighborhoods in the city. While the extension would not necessarily consist of sections of spur trail extending into these neighborhoods, some possibilities might include new bike lanes and sidewalk extensions to promote easier access to the trail, with the ultimate goal serving to enable residents to make greater use of the trail as an alternative means of transportation.

**Please note that currently, two bridges along the Danville Riverwalk Trail have been washed out due to a recent tropical storm, so detours will be required to establish continuity along the trail.  One of these bridges is located in the vicinity of Danville Public Works, 998 South Boston Road, Danville.  The location of the other bridge is just south of the U.S. Route 29 Bypass between Angler’s Park and Dan Daniel Memorial Park.  The bridges are anticipated to be rebuilt within the next six to twelve months, though these are conservative estimates.

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