Sometimes the best commute is the one you don't have to make at all. Telework is an option for a growing number of workers and can even boost an employer's productivity.

Telework, or telecommuting, is yet one more option to reducing your commute costs and getting more out of your workday.

As employees become more connected to their workplaces without being at their workplace, the familiar elements of 9-5 schedules, cubicles, and conference rooms become more flexible tools of a workday. Such distinctions can actually be obstacles for workers whose creativity and work styles don’t fit these traditional patterns.

For some workers, the changes in technology can eliminate the traditional work commute altogether. Via telework, workers can maintain their productivity – in many cases even increase it – while working from home. And telework is good for business, reducing the infrastructure demand for parking and office space while providing a valuable lifestyle benefit to high-quality, creative employees.

RIDE Solutions offers support in creating telework programs through our Workplace Program. We provide employers with technical assistance to determine if teleworking is right for their business and employees, develop policies, and determine the technical capacities needed to successfully launch a program. We can also help you determine how you’ll evaluate the success of your program and ensure employees continue to be productive and accountable even when they aren’t at their desks.

More information and tools for creating a telework program are also available at the Telework!VA website.

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