How it Works

Membership in RIDE Solutions is quick, easy and free. Get immediate access to our Guaranteed Ride Home program, carpool matching, special member events, and more.

Membership in RIDE Solutions is free and only requires that you commute into or out from the Roanoke, New River Valley, greater Lynchburg and surrounding region. If you are already in a carpool, looking to join or grow an existing carpool, or already use other alternatives such as bicycling or public transportation, registration with RIDE Solutions gives you access to great benefits such as our Guaranteed Ride Home program.
To request a carpool match, complete the Carpool Match Request form. Your request will be processed in 2 to 4 business days, at which time you’ll receive a match list by email and an abbreviated copy of your match list will be available from the member login area.

If your employer is is part of our Workplace partnership program, check to see if you are entitled to additional benefits such as subsidized transit passes or premium parking space. If they are not a member, encourage them to sign up!

RIDE Solutions is not a transportation provider and we cannot guarantee that you will be successfully matched in a carpool. Participants are assumed to have transportation of their own and are voluntarily giving up that transportation to carpool, bike, walk or use public transit instead of driving alone.


Finding Your Match

RIDE Solutions generally looks within two miles of both your origin and destination addresses, and within 30 minutes of your start and end time, when we search for a match. We will also match along your commute corridor – the main roads along your commute path, including potential meet-up sites such as Park-and-Ride lots.

Once the matching process is complete, you will receive your match list from us with the names, phone numbers, emails, of all potential matches. At the same time, all of your potential matches will receive your contact information as well to help facilitate the carpool. Contact those matches which seem the best fit for you.

If we can’t find a match for you immediately, you will remain in our database and will continue to be matched against all new members. You will still receive your Guaranteed Ride Home voucher and all other membership materials, which you can still use if you form a carpool outside of the RIDE Solutions program or begin using other alternative transportation such as public transit or bicycling.


Joining a Carpool

You can find some carpooling tips in the Carpool section of our website to get you started. You are not required to use these guidelines and RIDE Solutions offers them only as helpful information.

Starting or joining a carpool is completely voluntary; receiving a match list does not obligate you to contact any of the listed names nor does it obligate you to respond to contact attempts made by other members. RIDE Solutions provides you contact information for other interested carpoolers in the region; it is up to you to make specific driving and/or payment arrangements based on the needs and commute paths of your chosen carpool partners.

Use of the RIDE Solutions carpool matching does not require to you remain in a carpool for a specific length of time, to carpool for a certain number of days a week, or switch or start other carpool efforts.

Please note that by participating in this voluntary rideshareing arrangement you agree not to hold liable RIDE Solutions, the Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission, the New River Valley Planning District Commssion, the Region 2000 Local Government Council, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and any participating employers or agencies, including but not limited to, any personal injury, loss, theft, or damage to your personal property, loss of income, and/or consequential damages.


Personal Information and the Ridematch Database

Once you are registered in the database, your profile will remain active until (a) you ask for it to be removed or (b) the information contained therein is no longer valid.

We do not share your information with third parties with the exception of other RIDE Solutions members with whom we will share contact information (phone numbers and email addresses) you have made available as part of the carpool matching process. We will never share your home or work address. If your employer is part of our Workplace partnership program we may share contact information with your employer’s designated Employee Transportation Coordinator or other representative for analytic purposes.

To encourage potential carpool matches to register with RIDE Solutions and grow our database, we may post general information about members’ routes and schedules to online services such as Twitter and Facebook. Information shared in this way will be limited to city/zip of origin and destination and basic schedule (an example might be “New carpooler from Roanoke (24016) to Blacksburg (24061) from 9 to 5”); we will never post names of registrants, employers, or contact information. The services used in such a way will vary depending on need and audience.

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