The Woodland

Boonsboro Road Food Lion to Downtown via Blackwater Creek Bikeway.



Distance: 6.4 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Boonsboro road to Downtown Lynchburg

This route offers an easier ride and less time on the road to access Downtown Lynchburg than The Avenue and provides the riders the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful Blackwater Creek Bikeway network.  Starting at the Food Lion parking lot follow Boonsboro/Rivermont to right onto Boston Avenue. Take Boston to Woodland to the Blackwater Creek Bikeway trailhead.


Start at: Food Lion parking lot, Boonsboro Road.

Head east on Boonsboro Rd toward Canterbury Ct.
Continue onto Rivermont Ave.
Turn right onto Elmwood Ave.
Turn right onto Woodland Ave.
Turn left onto Blackwater Creek Bikeway
Merge onto Jefferson St.
Turn right onto 9th St.
Turn left onto Rivermont Ave.

End at: YMCA.

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