Let’s face it – the daily commute can be a slog, not to mention a drain on your bank account.  For most of us, getting in the car each morning is such a part of our daily routine that we don’t even think of exploring alternatives.  Well, here are some things you might not know you make you think twice the next time you’re getting ready to fight traffic:

  • For most people, transportation-related costs are second only to their mortgages in terms of household expenses.  That’s right – you probably spend more feeding and taking care of your car than you do on health insurance.
  • The average American spends almost two weeks a year stuck in traffic.  For a lot of us, that’s more time than we get in vacation.  What would you do if you got that two weeks back?

For most of us, commuting is expensive, it’s boring, and it sucks up time we’d rather be enjoying with friends, family, or just a good book.

RIDE Solutions can help you take back your day and refill your bank account.  Membership is free and gives you access to regional carpool matching, our Emergency Ride Home program, contests, incentives, and more.

RIDE Solutions Emergency Ride Home Program provides any registered member a free ride home in the event of an emergency. This commuting “insurance policy” is your assurance you will not get stranded at work. This free program is available for up to twelve (12) free rides a year.

Commuting Safely and Confidently: Tips for Businesses and Commuters in the COVID-19 Environment