Local Economy

Saving money on your commute expenses doesn't just put money in your pocket, it keeps it in the community.

Did you know that most of what you pay for a gallon of gas leaves the local economy?  Most gas stations only make a sliver of profit on each gallon of fuel it sells – otherwise, most of that money goes to state and federal taxes, and then back to the refineries and oil companies who extracted the oil to begin with.  That’s one of the reasons the price of gas is so volatile.

In fact, about 82% of the cost of a gallon of gas is associated with drilling and refining, another 6 % with distribution, and the rest for taxes and profits for the gas station.  That means that for every dollar you spend on a gallon of gas, over 90 cents of it leaves the local economy.

Taking advantage of commuting options not only saves you money, it keeps that money right here in Southwest Virginia to support our great local businesses, friends and neighbors.

Economic Development

A strong since of place and creating walkable and bikable communities is being recognized across the Country as a key community element in attracting businesses and employees.   Further, studies have shown that properties located along Complete Streets, streets that make accommodations for all forms of transportation, have an increased rate of use by local patrons. 

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