Taking advantage of transportation choice can have a positive effect on the health of your community.

Making the decision to utilize environmentally sustainable travel alternatives – carpooling, biking, transit and walking – instead of using your single occupancy vehicle (that’s your car folks), to access work, school, and play has a bounty of positive environmental and community benefits for our beautiful region of Virginia. 

As a byproduct of land use and transportation decisions, Americans are increasingly a car-centric society.  Meaning, a vast majority of trips taken – be they to work, school, shopping, recreation, medical, etc. – are taken via the single-occupancy vehicle (that’s car to most folks).     The impact of all these single cars moving people, often along the same roads to the same general destination – central business districts, cities, and industrial parks, has been road gridlock, air pollution, high transportation costs – through development of more and maintenance of existing roads, lack of social interaction, and lack of low-impact physical activity in our daily lives. 

Alternative transportation – carpooling, vanpooling, walking, biking, and transit – provide viable, economical, and environmentally sustainable options to move commuters to their place of work, school, and primary daily destinations.   By reducing the single-occupancy vehicles on the road to access those primary employment centers we collectively help to reduce the cost of public funding needed to maintain and build new roads, help reduce the negative impacts of car emissions on air quality (link),  and increase the community vitality of the neighborhoods where you live, work, and play by having more direct social interaction with your surrounding that you can’t experience in the car alone.

RIDE Solutions and you – improving our road, air, and community’s one commuter at a time.

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