Bikes Stolen from Windsor Ave, Roanoke, Apartments

Sharing this notice that came across Facebook this morning:

Notice – Everyone please keep an eye out for two bikes: 1. A Blue Swobo Sanchez frame (like this minus the topbar badge with a black “Surly” front fork, Miche hubs, velocity deep-v rims, and 2. A Black “Performance” mountain bike. Both bikes have been set up for bike polo and have narrowed handle bars and fixed gear drivetrain. These bikes were stolen yesterday from Chad and Chelsea Lovings’ garage at 2049 Windsor Avenue, whilst the perpetrators also set a portion of the their garage on fire – causing several thousands in damage. Fortunately the building is masonry so the fire put itself out without causing major damage or injuring anyone.

A few high-school aged kids in ball caps and black hoodies were spotted in the alley yesterday before placing graffiti on the same garage, so I would suspect it was these kids that stole the bikes too. If anyone sees either please call the police immediately – as they are stolen and related to an arson and vandalism case with the Roanoke City Police Department. Thanks everyone for helping keep our neighborhood safe!