Study on I-81 Wrapping Up Soon

VDOT is hosting a third round of meetings on its study of I-81. The study, as directed by the General Assembly, is meant to “identify targeted improvement along I-81 and potential revenue sources that could be dedicated to improvements.” more

Transit Development Plans aka Evaluate and Improve the Region’s Transit

The three public bus systems in the New River Valley have announced workshop dates where you can participate in improving the region’s transit systems. This is part of the Transit Development Plan that will look at current service and future needs.


A Walk in the Rain

Today’s rainy day has reminded me that I’m behind on a post I meant to write a few weeks ago.  Back in October, we worked with the CityWorks (X)po to host a field trip on what turned out to be a rainy Saturday morning.  The goal: to give attendees a first-hand experience of what it would be like to be car-free in Roanoke.