Study on I-81 Wrapping Up Soon

VDOT is hosting a third round of meetings on its study of I-81. The study, as directed by the General Assembly, is meant to “identify targeted improvement along I-81 and potential revenue sources that could be dedicated to improvements.” more

A Road Diet for Williamson Road

While traveling or shopping Williamson Road in Roanoke, you may have noticed a slate of “No Road Diet” signs and wondered what they mean.  They have been installed in in response to the recent proposals to improve the corridor, and I wanted to take a moment to describe what is – and is not – a road diet.


New Carpool Opportunities – Week Ending

RIDE Solutions has registered the following new rideshare opportunities.  To see if you are a potential match, register online and we will send you a match letter with contact information for all potential carpool partners.


Writer by Bus Program Continues to 2018

Public transportation is a key part of how our community connects – whether or not you are a bus rider yourself.  Public transportation connects our neighborhoods; connects people to employment, medical, and other services; and it helps keep cars off the road, which means everyone else can get where they’re going a little faster.