Car Insurance and Bicycle Accidents

Car Insurance and Bicycle Accidents

As more and more bikes are on the road in Roanoke, this question keeps coming to the foreground. Will my auto insurance cover accidents on a bicycle? The short answer is, YES!

While insurance may not be the first thing you think about when hopping on a bike, it is an important part of bicycling as transportation and is often ignored until it is too late.

When informing people that their car insurance may cover their bicycle accidents most people will ask, “Why on earth would my own automobile insurance company ever pay for my injuries from a bicycle crash caused by someone else?”

According to, “The answer is actually quite simple and logical. When we buy automobile insurance, we are often purchasing insurance protection not only for the harm we may cause to other people with our automobiles but also for automobile-related harms that we may suffer. Our automobile insurance policies not only have liability provisions and property damage provisions that cover us in the event that caused harm to someone else or their vehicle and/or in the event our vehicle is damaged, but they also often contain provisions addressing uninsured/underinsured coverage and medical payment insurance. These provisions become important to us as bicyclists in the event of a crash.”

In the end, the thing to always remember is to treat insurance like any other part of your bike and don’t wait until disaster strikes to do find out you needed a tune up.


NOTE: It is important to check with your insurance provider directly to find out details about your specific plan.

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