Regional Commuting Patterns Reflected in 2018 Data Release

The U.S. Census Bureau recently released 2018 commuting data via its OnTheMap website.  OnTheMap is a very user-friendly online platform providing data pertaining to local and regional commuting patterns, which expresses numerous trends such as where workers live and work, the direction they travel for work, etc.  Again, the data […]

Danville MPO Adopts Route 58 West Access Management Study

On August 20th, the Danville Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), staffed by the West Piedmont Planning District Commission (WPPDC), adopted the Route 58 West Access Management Study.  The study advances a series of recommendations to improve safety and functionality along the U.S. Route 58 corridor in the City of Danville and […]

eCommerce Radically Changing the Last-Mile Delivery Landscape

If rapidly emerging technologies + COVID have taught us anything about life in the U.S., it’s that the only constant is change, and sometimes very rapid change.  This observation applies now more than ever to the last-mile distribution of goods shaped by the increasingly vast eCommerce industry.  To clarify the […]

Telework Strategy for the Future

In response to the pandemic, many businesses in central and southwest Virginia found themselves switching to telework – and in doing so, have discovered the benefits of telework for productivity, quality of life, sustainability, and more.  Now, businesses wanting to make their telework programs stronger, more flexible, and a better […]

RIDE Solutions App Now Better than Ever

Beginning in 2019, RIDE Solutions achieved a revolutionary milestone when the TDM (Transportation Demand Management) organization launched its new app, powered by Agile Mile.  In addition to enabling users to earn points toward rewards whenever a green trip was logged either by biking, walking, vanpooling, using transit, or teleworking, the […]