Bike Shorts Film Festival

Get those cameras rolling - we are now accepting submissions for the 2018 festival.

DEADLINE FOR 2019 Submissions is March 30th, 2019

Now accepting submissions! Click here to visit the submission page.

The Bike Shorts Film Festival features shorts films produced by local, national and international filmmakers featuring bicycles, bicyclists, and bicycling in interesting, creative, and surprising ways.

From music videos to zombie movies, the Bike Shorts Film Festival highlights some of the incredible creativity that southwest and central Virginia has to offer.


For 2018 we will have six prize categories:

  • Juried Prize, $300:  Best overall film, selected by a panel of judges drawn from the regional arts and film community.
  • Best Local Film, $300:  Best film submitted by a team from within the RIDE Solutions service area, selected by a panel of judges drawn from the regional arts and film community.
  • Best Original Music, $300:  Must feature an original song or piece of music, featured either as a stand-alone music video or as an original score.  This category will also be selected by our panel of judges.
  • Best Teen Film, $100:  The best film by a filmmaker or film-making team between the ages of 13 and 18, as chosen by our panel of judges.
  • People’s Choice, $100:  The audience favorite, selected at the end of each Bike Shorts Film Festival screening. (4 total)
  • YouTube Prize. $100:  All submissions will be posted to our Bike Shorts Roanoke YouTube channel.  At the end of May, the film with the most views will be awarded this prize.Note:  We use YouTube’s video counts to score this award.  YouTube’s algorithm for what counts as a “view” is not made public, but an explanation for what does and does not tend to count can be found here.  In brief, YouTube does its best to count legitimate views by unique users, so tactics like constantly refreshing a video, multiple views a day by the same person, views after clearing your cache, and related actions are unlikely to increase your views significantly.

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2017 Bike Shorts Selections

Visit our YouTube channel for all past selections and winners.  Maybe you’ll be inspired!

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