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Join RIDE Solutions for the Social Ride Series and enjoy Roanoke from a different perspective.

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Join RIDE Solutions on Thursdays from 4:00 – 7:00 pm April 19 – June 7 for social bike rides. These routes are designed for bicyclists who are comfortable on the Greenways and are ready to take the next step and bicycle in light traffic with experienced guides in a safe context. 

Discover Roanoke’s secrets, experience its history, and meet friends while learning the best bicycling practices (developed by the League of American Bicyclists). You must have a bicycle, lights, a spare tube, and water. Dress for the weather. These rides are suitable for hybrid or mountain bikes with gears. Registration available.

Upcoming Rides

April 19: Art by Bike (meet at Natural Foods Co-op, 1319 Grandin Rd SW)
Bike with Toobz! This route features several public art pieces includes Humanufacturing and the Dale Ave Community Mural, both by Roanoke artist Toobz who will join us for the ride.

April 26: Southeast by Bike (meet at Jackson Park Library, 1101 Morningside St SE)
On and off the Greenway and designated bike routes in the Southeast. This ride has some elevation, so we’ll practice using gears, and a left turn off a busy street at rush hour, so we’ll discuss how to handle that situation safely. Learn the inner workings of the Greenway from Renee Powers with Roanoke City Parks & Recreation.

May 3: West End by Bike (meet at Downshift, 416 Campbell Ave SW)
Discover Roanoke’s endangered historic sites – before they are gone forever. Learn the history of West End to historic Henry Street, including the 400 block of Gilmer St which bred notable Civil Rights figures, with the Roanoke Valley Preservation Foundation.

May 10: Scenic Views of Brambleton (meet at Dunkin Donuts, the Towers)
Secret ways to get from the Towers to Tanglewood. Learn about the health benefits of bicycling and common bicyclist health issues from the Sports Medicine Section Chief at Carilion Clinics, Dr. Thomas Miller. Dr. Miller is a professor of orthopedic surgery and has been a team physician for the U.S.A. Triathlon National Team at their World Championships.

May 17: Rail by Bike (meet at O. Winston Link Museum, 101 Shenandoah Ave NE)
View the building where train engines were once manufactured, former stations and depots, the round house, and the 100-year-old hump yard. Bev Fitzpatrick, former director of the Virginia Museum of Transportation, will explain Roanoke’s rich rail history.

May 24: History by Bike – Harshbarger (meet at Hollins Road Baptist Church, 3502 Old Mountain Rd NE)
See some of the oldest homes in the Roanoke Valley and learn about the notable families who lived in them, including Fleming, Read (of Read Mountain), Oliver, and Harshbarger (now Hershberger), with the Roanoke Valley Preservation Foundation.

May 31: Scenic Views of Valley View (meet at IHOP, 4764 Valley View Blvd NW)
Challenging hills and rewarding vistas. City planning director Chris Chittum will ride with us and talk about Evans Spring, Roanoke’s last large undeveloped private land, and how to avoid past mistakes that disconnected Valley View from surrounding neighborhoods.

June 7: History by Bike – Melrose (meet at Villa Heights, 2750 Hoover St NW)
Villa Heights is history in the making. First a mansion overlooking farms, later a recreation center for the African-American community, then abandoned for many years, it is getting another chance as a Boys and Girls Club. Learn the history of endangered historic sites in Northwest Roanoke from the Roanoke Valley Preservation Foundation.

Do you have other ideas for rides? Are you interested in leading rides?

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